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  Photo Gallery » Ghosts encountered in a haunted hotel in San Antonio
     We have 117 items in this album on 8 pages.
     Viewed: 839 times since Dec 06, 2012.
     Owner: firebird24
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st015 (Custom)
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Read more stories from hotel guests on topic "Linh Tinh" ...
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IMG_2617 (Custom)
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The tenth floor has been known to have many ghost encounters ...the room that has the red tape around the door has been abandoned for a long time ...
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IMG_2611 (Custom)
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He saw an old man wearing formal Civil War costume several times at night ...
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IMG_2613 (Custom)
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The adjoining door knob was contansly shaken around 3 a.m. though the room next door was unoccupied, he claimed...
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A tremendous loud noise of breaking glass woke me up around 3 a.m. I found a small foam box with one pate chaud in it fell on the floor ...though it had been put in the middle of the coffee table
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